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May 24, 2016

10 Classic Poses to Lift Your Photo Booth Game


Photo booths are one of the funnest, most creative ways to capture memories at any event. These days, there are a wide range of photo booths for every function to choose from. However, once you’re in the booth and the flashes are firing, are you one of many that can be caught off guard? We’ve put together 10 classic poses that can help you lift your photo booth game next time you’re in the spotlight.

Bust a move

Why not show off your best moves in the photo booth? Perhaps you’re especially talented at the moonwalk, the worm, or the twist. Whatever your specialty, bust a move in the photo booth for a strip of fun, in-the-moment memories.

Sports fanatic

If you love your sports, it can be a great idea to pretend to play in the photo booth. Acting out a three-pointer basketball shot, a golf swing, or a rugby tackle is a great, fun way to get the giggles going and make for a great photo.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

This pose is one of the classics. You’ve probably seen it before – hands over the ears, hands over the mouth, hands over the eyes. This can be done with several people in the booth, or alone during several shots. It’s basically impossible for this pose not to look good!


If you’re feeling cheeky, why not photobomb your friends or family in their next photo booth session. Jump in the background with a funny face to make for a hilarious, and possibly somewhat annoying, picture.

Use props

Sometimes, photo booths will be equipped with props, such as glasses, chalkboards, and other costume items. Have fun with the props, and play into their theme. If there is a feather boa, pretend you’re a conga dancer.

Peace sign

When in doubt, peace and pout! If you’re struggling to know what to do with your hands, throw up a peace sign and put on the duck face.

Charlie’s Angels

Another classic, aesthetically pleasing formation, the Charlie’s Angels is a photo booth tradition for a reason! Stand back to back with your gun fingers up for a truly tough look.


If you and your loved one land in the photo booth together, why not celebrate your love? Give each other a kiss, a twirl, or whisper a joke in your partner’s ear to get the giggles going.


If you’re a culprit of the awkward hover hand, fear not. Throw your arms up into a Y, M, C or A, either by yourself or with others to avoid looking like a lost child in the photo booth.


There’s a reason why models always pull the duck face – because it’s flattering! Staunch the photo booth camera by pulling your best runway poses. Let me see that blue steel!

Next time you find yourself in a photo booth, whether it be by yourself or with friends, remember these 10 unforgettable poses to throw up when you’re under the spotlight. You’ll never have a mediocre photo booth strip again!


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