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July 10, 2016

5 Tips for Planning Your Christmas in July Soiree

Hire a Photobooth for Christmas Party

Do you dream of a superb hot roast Christmas dinner but miss out each year because it is just too hot in Australia to enjoy it?  Fear not, there is a solution! Why not get some friends or family together to enjoy Christmas in July celebration? The Christmas in July soiree allows Australian’s to experience the joy and togetherness of the festive season, without the overwhelming heat of summer getting in the way.

To help you plan ahead for 2019, we’ve collated our top 5 tips for you to pull off Christmas in July without a hitch.

Preparation is key

Make sure you get your guest list and the desired venue organised well in advance of your party. Get all your ingredients and decorations ready the day before, so when you are ready for your Christmas in July celebration, it is just a matter of combining and cooking each of the ingredients for the dishes you have planned. Luckily, Christmas in July isn’t nearly as sought after on the calendar as Decembers holiday offerings, so it should be much easier to get your friends and family together for a meal. With that said, it still helps to give notice and send out invites as early as you can to make sure people save the date.

Festive dishes

Because you’ll be holding Christmas celebrations in the colder months, you’ll be able to comfortably cook and enjoy a wide variety of warming dishes that would be abhorred in summer! Give your favourite dessert a Christmas twist! Everyone loves Christmas pudding, so why not pair it with a festive eggnog ice cream and a rich butterscotch sauce? Not to mention the winter delights that you’ll now be able to enjoy greatly, such as roast turkey and all the trimmings, mulled wine, and much more.

Seasonal decorations

For us in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas in July means we’ll be able to feel what it’s like to have a winter Christmas – something that the Northern Hemisphere gets to experience every year! Take advantage of this and dive head first into traditional Christmas decorations, such as stick-on snowflakes, a real Christmas tree, fake snow and mistletoe. The seasonal influence doesn’t have to just stop with decorations, either. Get into the festive spirit by donning Christmas jumpers, hanging Christmas stockings and sleeping by the Christmas tree!

Family, friends, business or charity

The great thing about Christmas in July is because it’s an unusual celebration, not stifled by tradition, you can adapt the occasion however you want! If you want to raise money for your local sports team or your charity, you can! If you want to make it a bonding experience for your staff at work, that’s a great idea too! There are many ways you can customise your Christmas in July experience to suit your needs.

Capture Your Christmas in July Memories

What’s the use of throwing a great party if there are no memories to prove it? Make sure to document your wonderful Christmas in July celebrations by taking photos, or jazz things up a bit by hiring a photo booth! Photo booths can also come with props and personalised photo strips, to add that extra touch of festivity to your celebrations.


Christmas in July is believed to have begun in the Blue Mountains, NSW in July of 1980.  A group of Irish tourists came up with the idea of celebrating Christmas in the cold weather as they were craving the winter Christmas traditions they grew up with. Today, people all over the world see Christmas in July as a great opportunity to get together with friends, pop a Christmas cracker and have some fun. Stick to these 5 tips to ensure your Christmas in July celebration is the best it can be!


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