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September 26, 2018

Host an Exquisite Garden Party Full of Elegance


Stuck on some ideas that aren’t mainstream for your 21st? Let’s be honest … clubs just don’t cut it anymore, you deserve something unique. Hosting a garden party is more spacious, relaxing and personal to you and your guests which allows more interactions, continue reading to hear our top tips.

Spice Up Your Theme

If you have a lovely backyard or are able to hire out a garden venue, then a garden themed party is the perfect fit for you. Decorate, decorate and decorate, is the key! Floral arrangements and centerpieces that hold a significance to you and your birthday will make an extra special day for you. Do you absolutely love tea or know your guests will love an endless amount of options for the day? Then bring out a big stand to show off your unique Tea Sets. Spice this up with your choice of a fabulous and colorful teapot set, packed along with a cute gift. Why not throw in a comfy, cute pillow that your guests are able to use on their seats , to add a sense of the relaxation vibe you have going on with your ultimate tea theme. 

A Dress Code is Always Fun

‘Smart-casual,’formal’, ‘casual’… sick of hearing these three words when it comes to a dress code? I bet you are. Why not be a little more creative and specific? After all, it is a garden party. Who wouldn’t want their guests to fit in with your theme and create a picture- perfect shot. Example- ‘Pink and white dress code’. Another benefit for organizing a dress code could be so that your guests feel like they fit in and don’t feel either over-dressed or under-dressed. 

Coherent Staff

Guests should feel special at your party. Why not organize a friendly bunch of staff to serve your guests? A help yourself stand can get too messy and crowded. You don’t want this in your garden themed atmosphere. Wait staff can be organised by whichever structure suits you, but an idea could be that on each hour they may come around with a different type of finger food to treat your guests. Drink refills should always be kept an eye on by the wait staff and adhered to quickly. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than hungry or thirsty party-goers queuing up.

Your Food Should Compliment Your Theme

Try and match your party’s theme with a selection of food that compliments it. A pretty garden party shouldn’t be interrupted with sloppy pizza slices or burgers. Keep it, classy ladies. Keep your portion sizes small – think finger food, fruits and salads.

The ladies at your party will also love you for keeping their beautiful lipstick still on, without having to eat messy food. Many people these days have dietary requirements. Keep in mind to have a gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan section.

Garden Party Finger Food

Hire a Photo Booth

An elegant photo booth will give your elegant garden party that extra sparkle. A beautifully styled Photo Booth can be an impressive feature to your party. This comes with fun props, a variety of colours, an excellent high definition lens and of course a memorable time!

Ticking off all these steps will create a magical vibe to your garden party. Your guests will love the day you have designed for them from your heart and appreciate your efforts.

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