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May 29, 2018

The Benefits of Having a Photobooth at Your Next Corporate Event

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As anyone charged with the responsibility of organising a corporate event can attest to, finding appropriate ways to encourage guests to mingle and socialise can be a challenge. On many of these occasions, clients and guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds and industries. Finding a common point of interest, which will amuse the widest audience, can stress even the most experienced event coordinator. Enter the modern, hi-tech photobooth hire in Sydney; a guaranteed icebreaker, with a proven track record of relaxing guests and clients in an informal social atmosphere.

However, which one should you choose? Corporate events take many forms–the office Christmas party, conferences, exhibitions, sales training sessions and team building events. Identifying the perfect photo booth to incorporate into each occasion can have your next event on-track for success from the outset.

When you get photobooth hire in Sydney from The Party Starters, each booth boasts state-of-the-art features and can be adapted to a range of events. Below are a few suggestions which may assist in blending a photobooth seamlessly into your next corporate function.

In-House Functions

Christmas parties, team building events and in-house training courses are traditionally informal occasions. Coordinators are often tasked with making these fun, social and interactive.

An ideal option for these functions is our Open Air Booths, which encourage the maximum amount of guest participation. The booth can be placed at the entrance or in the main entertaining area to capture group shots.

Highlights of the many features offered by this booth are:
High-definition photo strips in colour, black and white or sepia
Instant social media sharing
Comes with a range of backdrops, screens and themes which add to the fun

Client-Focused Events

Unlike in-house functions, client-focused events will often be more formal occasions. Photobooths are an ideal ice-breaker when bringing together strangers from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Our state-of-the-art Elegance Booth makes a stylish statement and provides:

High definition colour, black and white and sepia photo strips
Instant social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter
Customisable branding suitable for marketing an event or business
Option of accompanying backdrops, screens and props

Exhibitions and conferences

Unlike the events listed previously, exhibitions and conferences will have clients moving past quickly. The beauty of a booth such as the InstaPrinter is its ability to draw curious people in with its vintage styling and charm. The InstaPrinter also captures images quickly, maintaining the client connection.

Possessing the ability to personalise its Polaroid style photos with company logos and details, along with real time social media screen display, encourages a high level of engagement and brand promotion.

A few of the myriad of advantages gained by integrating a photobooth at an exhibition or conference are:

Engages visitors with your brand
Creates a point of difference with competitors
Gives visitors to your stand something to take away with them
Supplies them with a memento branded with your logo

These are just a small selection from our wide range of Photobooths and GIF Booths. We offer free drop off and pick up within 40km of Sydney CBD and have booths and DJs which can accommodate a variety of access requirements.

If you are looking for a point of difference for your next corporate event or function, give the experts at The Party Starters Photobooths a call and find out more about our versatile, high-tech range of Photo and Gif booths, as well as our range of open-air booths.


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