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October 17, 2018

Why Dry Ice is a must for your Wedding Waltz

dry ice hire

Congratulations, it’s your big day! Why not compliment this magical day with something that makes it feel a touch more magical. Dry ice hire could be the finishing touch to your wedding plans that you did not realise that you needed. There are a number of uses for dry ice at your event, from giving your drinks a twist right through to filling the dance floor with dry ice mist for your guests to boogie their way through.

Simple but significant

Choosing to have dry ice for your wedding waltz may not sound like an extravagant feature, but it definitely adds significance to your waltz. Combined with your beautiful love song- dry ice will compliment this well- making you feel like your dancing on a cloud. You and your newly wedded partner will then really feel like you’re in heaven together.


  • Low lying, thick white fog.
  • No interference with camera flashes.
  • Packages available with the purchase of dry ice machine. These packages include: Light Up Love Sign, DJ, Photo Booth and Flower Wall services. Complimenting your dry ice with one of these- comes with a discount.

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