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October 3, 2018

Why You Should Hire a DJ For Your Next Event

DJ Hire Sydney

Think about it, what IS an event without music? Music is the lifeblood of any successful party or gathering, and the strength of a playlist can completely change how an event is perceived. However, providing your own music is a risk. You never know what could happen to your technology or connections, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you don’t hire a DJ for music duties. Hiring a DJ can easily be one of the main highlights of your event. This means that you don’t want to skip this. Music is the life of the party and without proper music – your event won’t be as fun for your lovely guests.


Hire a DJ to Keep the Crowd Energised.

To hire a DJ means no let downs for you and your guests. He or she represents you and wants the best for you and your event. They are specially trained in their craft and know how to entertain a crowd. This is something an average speaker or iPod/iPhone dock can’t hope to replicate.



Most DJs have experience working with all sorts of events – Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events etc. This means that they have a variety of styles of music to work with that can be tailored to suit the event and its theme. For example – House music, R&B, the 70s best hits, etc.



Part of a DJs value is the ability to adapt to the mood of the crowd. A DJ is able to successfully determine what type of crowd you have at your event and how hard they have to try to lighten them up. It’s quite normal for energy levels to alter and change throughout the course of an event. Your DJ isn’t afraid of this happening and is likely to try different music styles to suit the moment. Alternatively, if they can see that a particular group is really enjoying a style – they may play it more to get them to continue to liven up the rest of the people at the event.

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They are professionals

Have you ever experienced awkward pauses between songs that have been played by music from your phone or other platforms? Are you sick of having to go up and down to the iPod dock to constantly change a song or alter the volume? We all are, but there’s an easy solution. This issue is a normal reoccurrence from people that provide their own sound systems. You guessed it – when you hire a DJ, you will never have to worry about audio blips and technical issues at your event. You can relax and enjoy your time, with one less thing to worry about.


As you can see, a DJ is important and is only there to ensure the best for you and your guests. Without good music to suit everyone, not to mention an excellent speaker system, the mood of your crowd won’t be as pumped up as it should be. To hire a DJ for your next event, Contact the Party Starters today!


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